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Nicole C.

With the resources, links and flashcards that TKT Cambridge recommends, now I can teach in the classroom more confidently. It equips me with enormously massive ideas, methods in teaching students through alternatives and all these brilliant approaches keep the flows vigorously too. Nowhere to be found as luckily here I am in this gigantic treasury. It helps me teach with brand new activities and bring the learners to whole new worlds by saving them from struggling to dull memorization or exercises.

A great resource

Jordano Hidalgo

If you are truly interested in teaching, I highly recommend TKT Cambridge, they provide several useful information for learners and also for professional teachers who want to improve and develop their skills in the field of education, and additionally gives the resources that are used nowadays. Sincerely I'm very thankful for the book "Learning To Teach English". Many thanks and add oil!

Great site!

Cristina S. Munar

I have been following TKT Cambridge for a while now and as a teacher of Language, this is such a great source of teaching ideas and learning materials. I highly recommend TKT Cambridge for its educational content and teaching technique

Highly recommended

Diane Jackson

The Teaching Knowledge Test is a foundation in the core areas of knowledge needed for English Language teaching. Candidates wanting information on the TKT can benefit from sites such as this one which also offers a welcoming community spirit.

Worked well on me

Svitlana Skorobogatova

Thanks a lot the TKT team for being so useful. This course encourages me to improve my teaching methods. As people say, it’s never late to study,and I absolutely agree with this statement. Actually, I’m having an exam at TKT Module 1 on 17 November here in Kiev,Ukraine. Moreover,I’m going to start the preparation for Module 2 course exam. I strongly recommend this course to everyone and wish to have good luck for all the participants at an exam.

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Noel Perera

Noel Perera has helped thousands of English learners, online and offline, during his 13+ years of coaching. His coaching includes a wide variety of English language workshops for young adults, adults, teachers and business professionals. Noel Perera is a former IT student, whose IT career was crushed with a passion for English. Finding a new career path as an English language coach was destiny.

TKT is not the highest certificate you can get out there, but if you want to make a living out of teaching, it is essential to know the basics of the job and TKT gives you that push to have a good start.